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Rachel Kasang (Miss Arizona 2013)

If results are what you are looking then take me as a winning example. Seth Thurston got me ready for Miss Arizona competition with his comprehensive knowledge in fitness competition prep. The workouts and the meal plan he designed got my body sculpted exactly the way I wanted it, and the transformation was timed exactly for the show! Not only does Seth know about kinesiology and nutrition, he keeps you motivated and on track to actually follow the workout and nutrition plan by keeping you accountable and inspired. I wanted to fall off many times but with his help I was able to do everything perfectly and it paid off as winner of Miss Arizona 2013.

Karen Fritz

Working at Thurston Personal Training with Seth I was able to reach my dream body! He is a skilled and knowledgable trainer, who motivated me, and pushed me hard past what I thought I could achieve. I trained with Seth 5 days a week and followed his meal plan and nutritional recommendations in order to reach my goals. If you are looking for results, call Seth because he helped me and I know he can help you!

Jessica Trent

I had one of the most amazing night of my life on March 22, 2014. I walked across a stage in a bikini and felt the best I've ever felt! I have completed my first ever NPC Bikini Open Class C. This adventure has been one of the most fulfilling adventures I've had in a long time. I set goals for myself and reached them with lots of hard work, dedication and sacrifice! And without the help of all the wonderful people in my life I wouldn't have been able to do it. Stephen Thompson my personal trainer, my family, and my friends thank you for being supportive.

JF Bertrand

I am 40 years old, and I have never had so much energy or looked this good in years. Working with Seth I lost 15% (30 lbs) body fat, and gained 8 lbs of muscle. The atmosphere at TPT was extremely motivating. I was able to lift heavy and push myself more then I could at any other gym. If you are serious about getting in shape then this is the place to go.


Before I met Aaron I was overweight and had little confidence in myself. I had no idea what I was doing at the gym, but at the time I thought I did when in reality I wasn't even benefiting myself. As we began to workout together, I watched the weight just fall off of me and I started seeing muscle develop. By seeing those results it game me more drive to push myself even harder to keep looking better and better,Meeting Aaron was the best thing that ever happened to me because now eating healthy and working out has become a habit and part of my everyday life and will stay with me forever. Aaron has transformed me into a new person, I'm confident, strong, and healthy. And most of all, I love my body. I never once thought I would go from being overweight to competing in figure competitions.

Sergio Reyes
After training with Seth Thurston for a period of 5 months I managed to gain 10 pounds of lean muscle, increase my bench press max from 180lbs to 230lbs and lost 10% of my body fat. His program was very specific and easy to follow. He always provided the answers to the questions I had and made me feel very comfortable during the entire process. His meal plans were just what I needed to push me over my plateau and were not boring or created a sense of starvation often found with other diets. Being a runner, I know how dull aerobic exercise can be but Seth's program was creative and motivational enough for me to follow it. I highly recommend Seth Thurston to anyone stuck without gains or in a rut as I have personally seen his program work for me. Being a Psychology major, I understand the importance of a good motivational coach and Seth is a prime example of one. Working a sedentary job can quickly add on undesirable body fat, which he is very familiar with and knew exactly how to eliminate my problem areas.